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Moving past a series of experiments

This is the story of how I did a series of product experiments to figure out the right setup to build a tool for working with databases. Quick introduction: if you are new around here, Slashbase is an open-source modern database IDE for dev/data workflows. It was Apr 10, 2021, the day I wrote Slashbase's first official commit as a side project. Though I had been thinking and experimenting with the idea for long time before that. I wanted a...

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The Beginning

Today I'm excited to kickstart our Slashbase journal. This post also marks as the beginning of Slashbase Journal and I am writing this post as I have more clarity on the whats and whys of this project. What am I building? Slashbase is a modern in-browser collaborative database IDE for modern dev and data teams. Use Slashbase to connect to your databases, browse & manage data or schema, write, run, and share queries with your team, right...

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